Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Danis Matiaz, I’m from that little country called Costa Rica, I’m a passionated iOS Developer that enjoys working on really cool projects with cutting edge technologies. I have been involved in mobile development since 2010, back then I started working with iOS4 for the iPhone, and well, years passed and now I’m making iOS10 Apps for several Apple devices.

  • Challenges, I love them
  • Team work is a must
  • Be on time and never give up on anything
  • Research, learn, apply and start again
  • Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, things I value the most

Profile Picture

Danis Matiaz
Danis MatiaziOS Developer
I’m a passionated iOS Developer that enjoys working on really cool projects with cutting edge technologies. I have been involved in mobile development since 2010 working on great Apps for different clients

Some of my highlights

The next project I’m gonna work on. I love what I do, so this is like a new adventure I live everyday. Every morning I have the chance to give the best and build amazing things

  • Native iOS development
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Great performance and stability
I think that the greatest accomplishment that you as a mobile developer can get, is seeing your App in the App Store and watch people using it and enjoying that beautiful App that you just made.
This is a very common question, most of the time the work process is the same, you get a document with all the requirements, the design mockups and the .PSD files of the App, after that, you start building the App based on the priorities that the client defined. It’s a very straightforward process but sometimes the client doesn’t have the UI/UX defined and that’s when you have to get your hands dirty and start designing the App from scratch starting with the mockups and listening to the client’s needs.
I really like music and I like to combine that passion with everything I do, from working at the office or at my house, to traveling to a new destination with volumen full listening to great artist like Bob Marley. When I’m not writing code I like to go out side and disconnect my self from everything and have a good time walking, roller skating or just sitting there watching the nature and having a good talk with friends.

Some of the projects I worked on.

This is a sneak peak of the projects that I worked on in the past, go ahead and download them to check them out. Some of these are personal projects and some of them are projects I worked on as part of team in a company. I’m looking forward to list here your big idea, let me help you with that exiting project you have in mind 😉

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